This is a suggested layout for doing general character pages. It doesn't have to be followed 100% rigidly, but should be mostly consistent with other character pages. You'd write a brief summary of the character up at the top here.


This is where you'd write about the character in general, such as their personal history, things they've done, what their mission is, etc. You can write about where they live, where they work, what they like to do for fun, pretty much everything that makes up the character's personality.


List of all the comics/games/etc. this character has been in. Example:

  • Comic of Stuff
  • That one Game
  • The Adventure with the Things and Junk and Whatever


Just random facts, such as:

  • This character once punched a tree
  • This character's left eye can be used as a grenade

Related CharactersEdit

Include a list here of characters either similiar to the character, or that the character interacts with. In this sort of format:

  • Bob
  • Jeff
  • A Tree