Exclusives is a comic started in 2007, and is notable for being the first frequently updated webcomic by Brandon Vivian wherein he actually drew out the characters, with most of his previous webcomics having been sprite comics. There were earlier ones, but they never had lasted very long. It was titled Exclusives as it was originally meant to be exclusive to the comic hosting site ComicFury once it went live, but this didn't actually happen. After a brief revival in 2010-2011, it went on hiatus again for 4 years until it was rebooted in 2015.

Main CharactersEdit

List of the most commonly featured characters in this series.

Other CharactersEdit

All other characters.




Kyo Directions Zombie Netsy
Black Policeguy Jeff Lengyel Greenmouth
Vaughn the Turkey Guy Bad Yellow Tux Man
Craptop Job Recruitah Nu
Emily Agent Umbrage Robot Hitler
- Freee's Dad Osama
- Tech Support Guy -
- Photoshop -
- Brialey -
- Charlie -
- Jeshi -
- Delivery Guy -
- Some Guy From Africa -
- Old Style Freee -
- Freee's Bad Conscience -
- Freee's Good Conscience -


See the list of Exclusives Episodes.


  • 31 was drawn 2 years after the end of the original run, but was done in the same style. The chair featured in that episode, however, really was drawn back then. The script was also from back then, and the whole time traveling art plot was based somewhat loosely on it.