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Gambling with Science was a strategy game that began development on April 14, 2009 and lasted until October 19, 2009 before going on hiatus. It's theme song is included on the Subfloral album.


Gambling with Science was a strategy game in which you were tasked with changing the future of a planet. There were to be three different game modes in which you would either Improve, Destroy, or Colonize the planet.

Game MechanicsEdit

Besides a toolbar on the side that costs points to use, the world would just continue on by itself via random events. You earned points based on the number of tiles that were beneficial towards the intended future for that game mode, which was checked every 5 turns.


There weren't any real characters, although during testing phases there was a mascot for each game mode, and they were to cheer if you performed actions that helped towards that game goal. It is undecided if they'll be kept in the future.


Main Development

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