Goocheyman was one of the main characters of the comic series Locoboy and Goocheyman, and was always pretty upbeat and crazy. He's distinguished from most other Goochies by his sharp teeth, which is a fairly rare trait for them. Since the comic's end, he's had cameo appearances in several other comics, and in any new episodes released periodically throughout the years.


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In the beginning of Locoboy and Goocheyman, Goocheyman is living in a house with his friend Locoboy, so they can split the rent. At first, they can't stand living with each other and don't get along very well, often arguing and yelling at each other. This eventually causes Locoboy to scrape together his money and buy his own house, although the cheapest one he could find happened to be directly next door. After awhile, their friendship is restored, although they agree that maybe they just can't stand living with each other.

Together with Locoboy, Goocheyman then decided to embark on a quest to find his long lost brother, who he had not seen for some time. Through a series of wacky events, they eventually find him living at the Life's End Apartments in Landoland, and he comes to live with Goocheyman back at his house.

Then, one day, Goocheyman checks his mail and discovers that Some Random Guy has sent him 5 million dollars, apparently for no reason. Thus, Goocheyman uses his newly acquired riches to buy sunglasses and a castle. Locoboy decides to move back in with him, since it's a big enough place they probably won't irritate each other very much. They live here for the rest of the series, having all sorts of antics.

Fairly soon after, however, Mr. Ripoff presented Goocheyman with the bill for all the purchases he had been making. Goocheyman had just enough to cover it all... but was left with barely any money, and was again back to being strapped for cash. In light of that, he emailed Some Random Guy again to see if he could have more money, but after he declined, Goocheyman decided that he should try to find a new a job. He tries a out a few different ones, such as Pizza Delivery Boy and Bus Boy, but ultimately settles on being a comedian at the Lame Joke Palace. As it turns out, people really liked his act, and he ended up being so popular that he became rich again.




  • His only distinguishable physical feature is his sharp teeth.
  • He hates the smell of Cheese.
  • His last name is Tush, but it's hardly ever mentioned.

First Line: "No.", Locoboy and Goocheyman 1.

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