This was the first project of the Let's Play Awesome team, but there were a great deal of technical complications, and it was ultimately discontinued in favor of LPA Portal the Flash Version. There are no plans to continue this series. Interestingly, for a long time it was thought there were only two episodes, but a third episode's worth of footage was discovered in 2013. It's now fairly certain that all the existing footage has been released.


This is a list of all episodes and their release dates.

Episode Filmed Release Date Link
Part 1 June 14, 2009 June 14, 2009 Link
Part 2 June 14, 2009 June 20, 2009 Link
Part 3 June 14, 2009 August 18, 2013 Link


Everyone who has appeared in this series, in order of appearance, along with the parts they were in.


After the original trilogy was filmed, on June 19, 2009, nearly 12 episodes worth of footage was recorded, but due to technical difficulties, the footage was unable to be saved correctly and was lost. This prompted Brandon Vivian and Thomas Quigley to discontinue the Half-Life 2 series, and they filmed 3 episodes of LPA Portal the Flash Version that same day. However, they eventually opted for a more open-ended game that would not be too hardware intensive to film, and began filming LPA Ocarina of Time.